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Jeff Pearlman's Showtime: THE INSTREAM Q&A

The New York Times best-selling author talks Kareem, Basketball's Game 6 & the validity of Writer's Block.

Shall We Dance?

Jeremy Conlin previews and predicts Round 1 of the NBA post-season. The NBA’s Second Season is upon us. I’m rather bored of the rote “list each series in order of seed and conference,” so instead, I’m listing each series in order of intrigue. Picks will be in bold.

East: Indiana (3) vs. Orlando (6)

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INSTREAM NBA Preview: Best of the Best

Jeremy Conlin concludes his NBA season preview with a look at the top six teams.
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INSTREAM NBA Preview: The Average Teams

How will the Chicago Bulls respond without Derrick Rose to open the season? Jeremy Conlin with Part 3 of his season preview.
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Tragic Kingdom

Even one week later, NBA writer Jeremy Conlin still can't believe the Orlando Magic made this trade.
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Because it's the Knicks, writes Jeremy Conlin.
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Who were the winners and losers of the 2012 NBA draft? It's a silly question, Jeremy Conlin writes.

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Star Gazing: Jeremy Conlin on the NBA finals

Thursday will mark the seven-month anniversary of the NBA Players Association rejecting what was labeled a “final offer” from the NBA owners to end the (at that point) 137-day lockout. Many believed the chances of a cancelled NBA season were 50-50.  Better than 50-50.   I say this without even an ounce of hyperbole – it was one of the five most depressing days of my life. I had half a mind to go home and drink a bottle of turpentine.

Why Mike Woodson is Right for the Knicks

The Knicks announced right before the holiday weekend that Mike Woodson would have the "interim" tag removed from his title and become the head coach of the Knicks. They rewarded him with a reported 2-year deal worth about $4 million dollars annually.
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From the Bullpen

All The Young Dudes by John D’Acquisto

When you enter the spring training facility in Phoenix, Arizona, March 1974, you expect to be greete ...